Ladies, I think I have finally scored!!! I have met someone single who is really interested in me. We have been seeing each other for about a month now. In this last month, we have been out a couple of times, talk on the phone almost every day, I have met his friends and we have kissed.
Now, he is my boss's cousin, that's how I met him. I have been friends with my boss before he was promoted to our project manager. I had seen him a few times before.
I have two major issues right now.
1).- He asked me to be his girlfriend yesterday while we were hanging out at his house with some friends. He wants to be exclusive. He said he really likes me and wants to be in a relationship with me.
2) My MM is not going to accept me having a bf so its pretty much over.

For starters, I feel like he wants to exclusive to soon. We have only been seeing each other a month and he wants to be my bf? I wouldn't feel comfortable being his gf just yet. What also is going to go through my head is, maybe I am a commitmentphobe. Maybe I'm just making excuses why I shouldn't be with a wonderful SINGlE guy with a bright future. Maybe deep inside I want to be with my MM and not anybody else.
I don't think I'm ready to leave my MM even though I have been wishing for it. Now would be my chance to move on and learn to be number 1!!!
I deserve to be number one and I know this new guy will do just that. I really like him. He is so nice and I feel like I have known him forever. My MM will never be able to give me that and I can't waste me time with him. I have no chance of ever having him for myself. I have to end this right now.
He has a family and has always said he is happy with his wife. I will let him be happy then, I will be happy with someone else because I deserve it. I told this new guy to wait for me, that it was to soon and that I needed to get to know him a little better before we could actually be a couple. In the meantime, I will end this foolish relationship and move on with my life. I deserve it.
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I hope you'll give this good prospect a chance. :)

He's not going To accept u having a bf but u have to wait around and accept he has a wife lol

I know... I don't even know how I have let it happen but I really didn't care because I have the perks of being single and perks of having someone there to listen, worry and love me. Its gotten to the point were that is no longer enough and he can't give me more.

You can be exclusive without being his girlfriend. The 2 aren't mutually inclusive. Get to know him more without sex and see what happens. The when you're ready jump in feet first and enjoy yourself. Just don't wait too long.

That is so true, nobody said he has to be my bf to be exclusive. I don't think he will mind stepping out of the dating scene for a bit to try it out with me without having the title of Boyfriend/Girlfriend.

Sounds wonderful!! Keep going down that path

Thanks, I shall follow the wind. I shall be happy wherever it takes me ;)

Yes you do! You can say to the new guy that you want to move slowly. He will understand if he is interested. As for your MM? Too damn bad if he cannot accept you with someone else. He has a family. He has no right to say something like that. Good luck with the new guy. I wish you the best!!❤️

Thank you, this new guy is wonderful and I can honestly say I don't miss him (MM) when this guy is around. All I ever wanted from him was for him to love me like I have loved him but he never will. I have found someone who accepts me for who I am and wants to be with me, sucks for him who is stuck in a relationship where there is obviously something missing even if he won't talk about it. I guess I should tell him that I must leave him behind because I need to be happy.

You will when you're ready. Just enjoy yourself with the new guy 😊