I've been thinking ALOT lately...about my MM & I... About my H & I... I've thought myself into a really crappy place lol... I care about my H, but the love died a few years ago... I'm crazy in love with my MM, but in reality do we have a future??? He's only said "I love you" twice in the past year. We work together & he's normally loving & protective(we work EMS so he's really protective/jealous of some "crazy" patients & the firemen) lol. I've been reading the book "Mistress" by Victoria Griffin & it's really got me thinking...can I be happy with just having him sometimes?? I don't ask the question of...are you planning on leaving or what he sees as our future... Maybe I'm afraid of the answer he'll give...
I'm rambling and all over the place tonight..sorry. Thanks for letting me vent! I love you ladies!!!
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I'm in the situation were both married an unhappy. I got married for the wrong reasons and the love is not present. One night after seeing MM I broke down realizing marriage was over. Now opened my eyes to what I've been missing and reminded me what it was like to be happy. Currently I were separated my H and I. Divorce is in the future and MM and I still talk but I don't ever expect to ask him to leave his W. If he wants to he will for the right reasons.

You can always vent here ;)
You're the only one who can answer that, sweets. Either you can live with what he can give or not. As for the future, what are your plans? Are you staying in your marriage? Xoxo

Oh Cherokee....seems like my entire life is up in the air right now... I'm not really sure what I'm going to do. My kids are grown so they aren't a reason to stay, financial reasons are why I'm still with my H...

I understand that. And change is hard, let's be honest. It's so hard to take that step.

I know I can only have mine sometimes. But this is the choice I made to stay