Need to share lots of feelings going on here. This morning hinted cause wife was away of meeting. I kinda ignored the hints and didnt want to meet him under the circumstances. Chatted mid morning...lunch time nothing since. He has had the entire evening available and not even contacted me. I know that so people that he has to work with on the weekends are draining....but I am confused. Why do I and why should I put up with this stuff.
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I'm so sorry! I know exactly how you feel! Found out that a few weeks ago his W was out of town for the weekend but he didn't even mention that to me & went on with the NC weekend as usual!!

I don't get it!! We wouldn't ever do that!!! Why would they??

You're right!! We would never do that! He knows every time I'm alone

I can understand how you'd feel upset that he would NOT take the opportunity to contact you if he could??!! I personally think that men just don't sometimes think about stuff like this and how it makes us feel. I would like other insight on this too... But what if YOU contacted him and talked??

she is probably arriving home about now. I am really upset. He knew my h was away and made a big deal about wanting to chat while I was in bed....etc. I am just so sick of now knowing and the shifting.

I don't blame you!! Geez!!! That would **** me off too!!!! I'm sorry tonight turned out that way!! :(

Thanks.....I know that tomorrow he will email all happy and **** and I really dont feel like answering. Lessons learned.

I would feel the same way

Thanks it helps me to feel not so crazy!

I promise you, you aren't crazy... But sometimes these relationships can make us feel that way!!

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