Im at my low point now... 😞
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Sending you hugs. Do something nice for yourself today such as a relaxing bath, shopping or get your nails done.

Talk it out.... We are here to listen and help

Why? We're here to listen...

This isn't something new for us but I cant excuse myself for feeling so bad. Its a long weekend. I spent most of my days at home doing nothing while MM is on stay-cation with his family. He said his W got the hotel room booked for them for the long weekend. And of course that would mean he cannot see me for a while. He managed to sent me a few msg. Just checking on me. But I felt that was still not enough. Tomorrow is the last day of their vacation. Finally they will be checking out of the hotel and hopefully he'll get more time for me :( im sick of this s*** no matter how hard I try not to mind those stuff it still hit me. Sometimes id like to think that we are just on a sexual relationship, no strings attached, no feelings involved so it will be a lot easier for me to brush things like this off.

My ap is on 2 weeks vacations too.. Out of his many days, his 10th day he texted me just to confirm our meeting next week. I would be happy if he cld text me more..