So my marriage is over. It's been a long time coming, **** hit the fan last night. H claims he will be leaving soon although he thinks he will be in 100% control of this. Laughable because unlike during our marriage, I will not be tolerating that behavior.
At 1AM last night, I sent an e-mail to my MM telling him about it. I haven't heard back yet because weekends are weird at his house, his W has weekends off and she is always up his ***. I am really missing him today for some reason. I think part of it was seeing the news as soon as I woke up of the earthquake south of Napa, CA. My MM grew up in that area and when we were in a relationship 5 years ago, he took me there. Any mention of that area whatsoever in any context automatically turns my thoughts to him. And that was the case even when we weren't talking. I am just feeling weird and uneasy today, I is so hard sometimes!
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Thanks ladies! I really appreciate all of your support and responses. I am just feeling really sad and down about myself right now. I can't wait until bedtime!

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Bravo for getting out in your early thirties. I was just starting my ****** marriage at your age and I just got out in april. I have a link to cheer you up.

The only emotion I felt when it was finally over was relief. I keep waiting for the five stages of grief to kick in, but nada. I've probably already gone through denial and anger, tho.

Sorry that this is going on right now. Hoping everything goes smoothly for you.