He's finally told the truth. He's at a party with her tonight. He just rang me and confessed he's seen her a little bit lately. I told him I don't want details, all I ever wanted was not to be lied to. We are not together so there was no need to. He said he just wanted to see how things went. With both of us it seems. He said he wished I was there tonight with him not her and that he didn't want to be with her tonight and wouldn't sleep with her. I didn't even ask anything like that. All I focused on was telling him I want him happy and to w honest with me always. He was very sorry. I guess. Told me he loves me. I cried throughout. Not sure what to make of it all really. Truth hurts but my god the lies are worse. I'm worthy of the truth.
foreverWantingMore foreverWantingMore
36-40, F
Aug 24, 2014