Last week was spent with much time on the phone with him while he was working over in the next state. We had torrential rains and the roof leaked down into our bedroom, then the basement flooded; to top it off, so much rain had occurred (10" in a 9 hour period) that the city sewer system was overloaded and the drains all reversed themselves. Major disgusting moment.
He managed to arrive in the wee hours of Friday morning, we cuddled and slept until the alarm sounded. He has seemed "off" this week. Not really communicating much, not talking even though I was on the other end of the phone, not reading the messages on Skype, and not really texting. He later shared that he has been working on notes so he can have a sit down with the W and tell her it's not going to work between them. I don't claim to understand men, but why this translates to me being in the frozen zone is beyond me.
We had some real things he needed to deal with, or at least help me deal with. Now it has been the weekend, I got two calls and no texts. During one of those calls, I did ask him what was going on, why was he not himself. He says he thinks I deserve more than him, that he does not find himself a good enough man for me. Although I can forgive and move on easily, he tends to beat himself up, especially when he causes me hurt.
To me, this put great fear into my heart. I was told he would call me Monday and we would speak as we normally would. Something just feels way off. Was still told I love you - haven't really heard that this weekend either until this night. I was mature and waited until the call ended before I broke down and lost it. I'm trying hard to trust and be patient, be understanding. Goodness, it can be hard.
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It's always going to be tough to trust someone that isn't able to end one relationship before starting another. I've never seen a man who was involved with someone else. All I'd ever think is "who's going to come along better than Me?". Being with someone without the nuts to end one thing before starting another is just a heartbreak waiting to happen. :( I'm sorry that you're having to learn this the hard way.