I want so badly to tell him I miss him and that I want it all back.

I guess progress was short lived
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That's how it happens. Listen to (or read the lyrics to) "a little bit stronger". I think by Sara Evans. It's country.

This is totally normal. It is very hard to let go. You work together right (forgive me if I'm thinking of someone else)? If so that is the hardest thing of all. No contact is painful but less painful than having to see him regularly. I wish you the best. If you keep coming here and read the posts (even your own) to remind you what it was really like maybe that will help. When we miss them we also forget the pain that we felt a good portion of the time. Hugs to you!

Be strong!! You can do this! Your feelings are normal and natural!!

Try to hold on. I know it's hard, but was it worth all of it when you were with him

This is a very normal reaction to gave. Give your self time and stay strong.