Here's something I've caught my mm doing that's weird, well annoying. .ever so often he will throw out that some young girl has the hots for him or he goes into detail about how much his wife is chasing him gor sex, I'm sure it has something to do with wanting to know I desire him, because lately I've been really busy. Thoughts ladies...
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He's looking for a reaction for sure but my guess is he is feeling insecure and wants reassurance. So I would tell him that it bothers you and why. :)

Yep! He's looking for a reaction!

I agree.

We have typically not shown jealousy, i had originally started this relationship as a polyamorous relationship, but it fell apart, when she changed her mind. So I came into this with no jealousy, but lately it's like he wants me to be jealous, to get hurt by the idea of him with someone else, which to be honest at times it does sting. The thought of losing him rips me apart. Maybe I should tell him that?

Don't tell him. That might make him feel like he has some leverage over you.