He sends out a group text inviting me and two others over his house for a BBQ after wok tomorrow so I text him and ask if I really want to be there and he tells me I probably don't (wife will be there) I say I'll pass and he says he completely understands and he will talk to me later. I tell him not to invite me to that stuff anymore. He says ok. This is how my morning is going.
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3 Responses Aug 25, 2014

Would others have found it odd if he hadn't included you on the invite? Maybe that's where his head was. He could've sent you a heads up though if that was the case.

Ech. Head totally up his ***. I'm sorry.

ISN'T IT? He says he would like me to be there. Well, I would like for you to leave your wife- neither one is happening! My life no longer revolves around you, sorry.

Sometimes they can be real ***-hats.