So today was my kids first day back to school from summer....I have had NC with my AP since last Tuesday night...but this morning as walking my kid into school this truck come flying up to pull into the parking lot....I recognized it right away it was his truck but he wasn't driving was his GF driving it and she was trying to go into the parking lot through the Exit Only way and almost hit my son and I....I looked at her and pointed to the sign and she drove I came out of the school the truck was parked in the parking lot...than after school I pull up to park and I see his truck parked about 4 card down from where I parked...and as I got out of my car I look up and I see AP with her the GF walking towards me so I hurried up and walked off to the MPR to get my kid...the whole time walking I felt like I was being watched and it was biting holes into the back of me...I get into the MPR and I'm standing there and he walks right up to me and says hello my name how are you and smiles his all so sweet goofy smile that I like so much and I just said hello and good back to him...but his GF gave me the nastiest look you can give someone and I just smiled at her...but she knows he knows me from what me son does every Tuesday night cuz my AP is in charge...the whole time while they were waiting for her kids to come out of class he did not sit or stand by her and when her kids finally came into the MPR abs they were leaving he walked behind her abs smiled at me...but the whole time he was looking at me but acting like he was on his phone.....I just didn't look at him but a couple times and smiled but a few times I just smiled as I looked down or out the door for my kid cuz I could feel him staring at me.....well anyhow my heart stood still when I saw him walking with his GF and pounded when he talked to me and was looking at me....he loves my *** so I know he was staring at it the whole time they walked behind me into the MPR and when I was standing waiting....but I'm so over not being able to see him except one night a week and we can't even do over not being able to call or text him anytime I want to...just so over it all and I'm thinking about calling it all off and last week I did say something to him about us being over and he did something that showed me he didn't want it to be over but he hasn't done anything like I said to him that sometimes actions are stronger than words and well his actions are all telling me to end it....but I know I'm going to see him everyday now while picking my kid up from school cuz he'll be there to pick up his GFs kids...her kids NOT their kids....and I know my heart will react the same way everytime I see him or he talks to me...but all this NC and only seeing each other once a week and not being able to do anything anymore is killing me
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I feel you. It wears on the soul after awhile.

Yes it does but I know if I move on and let him go I'll be fine and another guy will want me who's complete 100% available