It's days like today I absolutely hate that we work together. He finally answered me last night and said that I wasn't 100% accurate, but that he doesn't blame me. And, that I shouldn't feel stupid because he does love me. He said he has never been more messed up in the head than he has been the past few months and he can't tell me anything right now because he doesn't even know. To which I went into an absurdly long, grey's anatomy style, I love you speech. I told him whatever he decides to do he needs to factor his happiness into the equation because he is trying to make everyone else happy, but him. That was how we left it because he never responded. Now I have to go to work and see him- then come home while everyone else goes to their party- then listen about said party all day tomorrow. I wish I could just call out sick, but I'm the only person that can do my job. I'm going to try to just drink enough caffeine to not care. This time last week I was having the best day of my life with him and today I wouldn't mind being pushed in front of a bus.
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Seems like you reading my thoughts there buddy... Makes the two of us. Its a roller coaster!

When all else fails make yourself look really hot for work so they die a little inside?

SO true!