So last night at midnight I get a text with one of those smiley faces- the cheesy one that you use after someone is embarrassed and their teeth are clenched. I hadn't heard from him in a whole day- and he deletes my texts after he gets them so I don't think it was in response to unloading all my feelings on him the previous night. Part of me is happy that even though they had a bunch of people over he thought of me and the other part of me is like, "are you effing kidding me? An emoji? Really?" It's so unattractive when they act like neutered puppies.
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So what happened ? My English is bad

I think my plan for the day is to not be overly happy- as that would appear fake- and to sure as hell not be sad- just to be neutral to everything. I'm going to play my music and focus on off key singing (to not cry because it's getting super embarrassing how much I do that at work) and so much caffeine. I am going to beat this sadness!! It's all about perspective. I am a pretty, young, multi-degreed, lady, and I refuse to let my emotions be controlled by someone else's life. Now I just hope I can stick to this for the next 12 hours eeeeeeek!