I just keep replaying the other night in my head, his requests were so simple, scratch his back, help him look for a video game, keep him distracted while he paced in unimaginable pain. Give him small kisses, and oh yeah, please don't leave me while I'm asleep. Don't let me wake up alone. Such an innocent plea, the only give away that my superman was terrified. I haven't heard from him today, his wife has posted nothing on her fb about it. All I can think is that given a chance I would be with him every second I could. I keep thinking about him waking up alone. I guess I should be thankful I go back to work tomorrow and work around the clock till Monday. It will be a good distraction for me.
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((Hugs)), sweets. Xoxo

I'm very familiar with that feeling. ... it's not pleasant at all, .... I was thinking about her every second c and the result was painful, I was just her new " toy "

I'm not a toy I know that for sure, he becomes the ultimate chatty Kathy when he's high on pain meds, it takes down his mental filter. He's told me a lot in the last few weeks about how he feels, what's going on in his head. He's such a conflicted person. He wants me there, he feels comfortable, peace with me but he (like me) can't stand the thought of hurting his wife like that, so we both suffer silently.

I was in this kind of relationship for three years. ... wasn't just a fling.... and in the end I pay the price, I hope yours turns out for better, you'll never know if you don't give it a chance