His only mistake was that he was married.........
It's been a month and a half since I put an end to this ol thing of being the other woman...and it's hard
I miss him soooo much..sometimes I feel as if am gonna stop breathing.sometimes I just listen music and cry..somedays I re-read our old conversations and remember the emotions I felt at that time
He had done nothing wrong for me to end the relationship but it was against my spiritual and moral values...it took me three years to end it.His only wrong was that he was married..He never forced me to have sex with him.he tried obviously but I stood my ground and said no and he accepted and for 3years all I have him was my companionship and listening year..He gave me his heart,his dreams,his ambitions and his fears...I believed in him so much and I wish him well.
CurvyandChic CurvyandChic
22-25, F
Aug 28, 2014