To my love....I wish you felt the way I did. I wish you believed in us the way I do. I wish you could see how life has clouded your thinking, things that have happened to you in your past and things that are happening now. You are so stuck where you are and can't seem to see past that. You do not see the things that you may have to gain, instead of just all you have to lose. I've seen the happiness and hope in your face at times. but often times I've seen sadness and doubt. I wish you were willing to move heaven and earth to be with me, the way that I would move heaven and earth to be with you. But you aren't, and that's a hurt I can't even explain. I would give you everything, all of me, every day. But you will not choose that. I hope someday you will. You think about me when we're not together, when we aren't talking. But do not want to act on those thoughts. It makes me sad that if I walk away from this that you will just let me go, without a fight. I wish you could be the one to love me completely in my life, to give me everything I need and more. I want to be that for you, but I can't. You only allow me in a little bit, I wish I could be there fully. Just have long conversations with you, just spend a whole day together, a whole night. That would mean the world to me. You mean the world to me. Do you know that? Do you see it? I just miss the excitement we had. I miss us. I miss you <3
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1 Response Aug 28, 2014

Oh, how I relate to this!!