So we are friends today I guess. We chatted and it went well.

Then he was already gone for the day but I needed to text him some good work news and we texted a bit and then he asked about the dates I've been on.....

I told him about SG and about how I'm kind of not feeling it, how I don't like to share my bed.....
How I don't think I really want a relationship and how I am starting to think whatever we had was really ideal.....
He asked questions along the way and then just stopped responding.

Does him asking about my dates mean he's over me?
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He's asking, he's interested. If a guy doesn't ask he's not interested. He's seeing how ur doing without him and figure out a way back in.

no, it means he's interested.

You mm are soooooo confusing!!
To me if he's asking then he's ok with hearing it so he's over it.....
And if he's not.....then why not continue things with me.

I think cuz they get in too deep, they are afraid of getting caught

I'm in it so deep I'm drowning. I just wish my wife would hold me under for a few minutes so I could be over it!

Haha, no it's actually you OW that are so confusing. Seriously! I guess that's just the difference between men and women. I'm sure he's ok with hearing it, but that doesn't mean he will be happy to hear it. That just mean he will puff up his chest and take it like a man. (maybe cry behind the scenes)

but i was right? Hes miserable in his life but knows no other way so they stay in their marriage and be phony and unhappy cuz they are use to the abuse and the unhappiness Right???

I hate to say it, but you're right. He already knows the abuse and unhappiness. Apparently he can deal with it so its easier than the unknown.

Thank you for being honest hard enough being in this situation and even though we talk to each other its still so confusing ..

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