What a chicken!!! Who pushes away a person you're falling in love with? I'm so angry with him right now. This whole time I was thinking he was losing interest...
We're getting a room tomorrow night so i guess I'll confront him once we are face to face...ugh
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Bob Marley: "The man who awakens love in a woman with no intention of following through is a coward"

I don't care for Bob but that quote rings so true! And most of these MM are cowards anyway, we all know that - dragging multiple women's hearts (wife included) through the mud because they don't want to leave their wife.

Maybe he's just afraid of making the wrong decision? Some guys get so hung up on taking action that they become paralyzed and do nothing. We don't understand because we are strong women who know what we want and will go after it, but for whatever reason most men don't seem to be as willing to take risks when it comes to the heart.

These things end In tears. Save yourself. He'll say everything under the sun. Convince you. But you won't be happy. Confront him but expect a solid response. Otherwise you could be stuck in this for years.

I hate to tell you but I did this even to my very first love. She never had a chance. I even told her I loved her and then didn't want anything to do with her. I know it's stupid but it happens. Just have to understand and adapt to male stuipidity ;)

This is the worst part... I don' t know. I didn't really have a reason. I loved her but I didn't want to commit. Not because I was interested in anyone else but I guess I was just afraid? I don't even think that's an adequate explanation.

You just blew my mind :) but seriously that is something I need to think about

cmon hun your not a love struck teenager, you knew what you were getting into.It was always gonna be a 50/50 chance..........but i do wish you luck.............and all the other women ..... cheers x