So.......I might have plans with mm on Saturday.

We were talking tonight and I asked him if he was over it because he wanted to hear about SG and he said he wasn't. So I said well come have a drink with me and we flirted back and forth then he said we should hang out over the weekend and see how we feel.
I asked when he was free.....since he's the one that has the w.
He said for me to tell him and he'll work it out which has never happened's always been on his terms.
So I said Saturday night and he said he promises to try and make it work.......

Not really sure how this happened.....but I want him.
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Personally I think your just opening yourself up for more hurt.
Let him go. He chose his wife.
Your just digging deeper in to misery.

It's just choice but this won't end well for you. Good luck.

I appreciate this.
I know what I'm getting into again....
I've never expected him to "choose me" or leave his wife.....
I was upset when she found our text that he said it was a one time thing, but that was more because it made me feel like what we had meant nothing. I know if does those, to both of us and if I'm being 100% honest I'm not exactly thinking with my brain this time.

I've read your posts and Iv felt the hurt you went though. I think your making a huge mistake opening up these wounds that were starting to heal. Slowly but surely.
This will only end in tears Hun..
Life's too short to be someone's 2nd dish.
Good luck x

At least he said he will try... Lets hope it will happen ...