We were together for the weekend getaway ... He always hold my hands when he's driving ... I love that. I love that so much !!
Now we are 30,000 miles away .. And i just miss him so badly ...
Just want to share this pic with u guys because i can't share it anywhere else ... :(
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I need to get a pic like that! It's cute!

Thanks. I took this without him noticing :p something I carry with me when I miss him...

I'm hoping to get some cute ones when I visit in November :)

My MMs hands are one of his most attractive things about him. I have larger hands for a woman (I'm like 5'11") and his hands make mine look tiny.

Oh I love this. That reminds me soooo much of me and mines truly. Always holding hands in the car, under the table and even when we can't lock hands or put them on each others thigh we lock feet ;).

That's so cute!!

We locked hands again in the car tonight. When I pulled away to turn the dial on the radio he squeezed my thigh and then slid his hand back into mine. :)

Aww this reminds me and him so much. I love it when he pulled away to do something and never forget to slide his hand back again into mine... <3

What a sweet memory to carry with you until you see him again! Even after five years, my MM and I put our hands on each other's thigh when we are in the car together. Very high up, right next to... oops. *Blushes* I don't think I will post a picture;)

That is very sweet. And a nice pic for you to have!