So aggravated and hurt right now. My mm dropped a bomb on me yesterday after he got off work late that the reason he had to work late was to finish some things up bc they are going away for Labor Day weekend. Isnt coming back until Monday evening. Says the only reason he wants to go is bc his grown daughter is going with his grandkids (which he adores and I totally I understand). My thing is why not tell me before. Why wait until the night before he is leaving and drop this on me. I guess my feelings are hurt more than anything. Basically I wont hear from him until Tuesday when he wants to pick up where we left off. I dont understand bc he expects me to tell him when I am going somewhere and I ALWAYS do. Gonna be a rough weekend.
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guys do not act or feel the way we do.

That is pretty selfish. He probably thought you will be upset so he didn't want to be talking to you during the upset time. You both should share those types of things.

Why won't he contact you whilst away.i don't get this with some of your OM's.why stand for it.personally if my OM expected me to pick up from where we left off after a few days no contact he would be waiting a long time.
I'm sorry know it sounds harsh but no excuse for no texts with all the Technology we have today

He always texts me. Last time they went somewhere he texted me everyday so I am just gonna sit back and see. Im not texting him first. I am mostly upset bc he didnt tell me until last minute

He probably knew this is how you would take it.
Unfortunately there will always be holidays where lets be honest if he didn't go his wife would want to know why..
I just had one with my husband for 2 weeks but my other man never left my thoughts.
It is hard and I have to say it don't think I could do this if I was single.

Mine has double standards too. Hang in there..

Same here

That is sucks rite.. Same here..