I tend to lose my cool and say snippy things to people that come here and share redundant advise. Like "leave him" "you shouldn't be second", etc.

Anyway, love all you fabulous women, I hope you have a great day! Three day weekend coming up, and I'm ready.
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Thanks for your support all this while..
And those suckers.. Hahaa.. Keep them alive or else they have nothing better to do..

Whaaaat? I should just leave him?? I shouldn't be second??? Why haven't I thought of that? Time to turn this life around. Lol have a great 3 day weekend :)

Gasp! Never heard that before, right?! Lol

Only every time I get on here lol

Ready for what?

To sleep in, is first on the list!

Want company! I have REALLY GREAT FINGERS, if you have soft ticklish feet! 😊

WTF gross, creeper.

Thanks Stalked! Always nice to have a complete stranger chime in on something they no nothing about relative to the relationship two (2) other people have! But thanks for spewing some bile and venom while you were passing through! 😊

Ummm no stalked and I chat here and I have no idea who you are or where you came from or WHY in the hell you would say something so inappropriate. So she can say anything she likes and you can take a flying leap. Thanks, have a nice day!

Duly noted.

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