Ladies I require a little assistance please. Not sure if these little pictures work on here but let's see.

Yesterday I finally, after almost 4 weeks, met up with my MM very briefly. It was so wonderful but also a painful reminder to me if how deeply in love with him I am.

Anyway, afterwards, I text him just this, '❤'. His reply was this, '😏👍'. What does that even mean?

Any suggestions?
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5 Responses Aug 29, 2014

Maybe just doesn't want to reply honestly, they send mixed messages at times! I don't get it either but would hurt for sure

This reminds me of something my mm would do. He tends to use pictures like that when I say nice things, it confuses the crap out of me.

This would kill me if I got this response. I would be thinking "Why didn't he just heart me back?" Buuut I tend to be sensitive and over analyze everything.

I can see them! A while back I had to look up an emoji and found a list online. This smiley is a smirk. So kind of a sassy smile. With the thumbs up I think it's definitely a good thing!

They will keep you guessing for sure..........Wish I could go inside their heads and figure things would be easier..........sorry, no help here!!