Today was another great day. My OW is taking steps for us to be together even if she isn't fully committed yet. Encouraging her and reassuring her everyday is working wonders for me. I don't think she thought I was really serious until this week.

Today she was trying to make me jealous by talking about other guys. I think she just wants to make sure I react.

She shared a lot about her fiance and her family today. She said her fiance is a really good guy, he has never made her cry, he works hard, his family is really good too, and the family really loves her. She says that's why she really doesn't want to hurt him. She said she got a job where she is now and he got transferred to the same city so they could stay together.

She also shared that her father cheated on her mother multiple times and her mother stayed with him because she needs to stay for the children. Her mother is also so upset when her sister-in-law left her brother.

Basically she feels like by leaving her fiance she will be hurting everyone in her family and everyone in her fiance's family. She is also worried that everyone will hate her then. She also is worried about my daughter being in a broken home. I told her that it is not better to keep the kid in a horrible marriage and that can be bad for the kid too. Also, my own grandparents on my moms side went through a divorce when my mom was the same age as my daughter is now. It turned out much much better for everyone involved except my grandma. My mom and her children have always been so happy with my grandpa and my step-grandma. I can't imagine life without her.

She told me yesterday she had serious questions for me which I know we need to get out of the way before we can be serious. The only one she got out before we were interrupted was whether I still love my wife. Now she still says she's not ready to ask me those questions.

She says she will hate me a percentage point every time I say I love her so I just keep telling her I love her. She threatens to stop talking to me for even as long as a week, but she never acts on her threats. Plus I told her I will always wait. I told her I will wait on her until she's 73 before I give up so I've got 38 years of patience.

I think we are taking another step forward also because we don't communicate on the weekends before but now she told me she'll really miss me so she will definitely be emailing me and try to sneak in a phone call if she can when her fiance is not around.
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tricky road sweetie.. hugs