I know you are afraid to give yourself up to me because you don't feel like I have a good reason to be in love with you. Is my love real? Do I still love my wife? Once I really got to know you I realized for the first time what I really wanted in a wife. You have everything I've been missing in my relationship with my wife. I've tried so many times with my wife, but I've given up. My wife makes me want to give up on life, but you encourage and support me. I want a partner in life and not just someone to take care of. You are my risk, but you are so worth it. I can't imagine life without you now. Before I knew you, I never imagined someone like you existed. No matter what happens I will always be there for you. No matter what happens I know we will be together one day. I know what I want and I will get it even if it takes me years of work to get there.
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This is what my man says to me and I truly believe him. when you have found that person don't give up it's rare it's beautiful.
Two soul mates have finally found each other don't let it go it's mean to be

It's kinda nice to see it from the MM point of view.

Get your own man. Isn't life ****** enough to be a part of the cheating guys misery and upset of another woman he happens to be married to. FFS, 2/3rds of the globes population are males, how un-attractive are you?

he is a man HAHA

I think your numbers are off there, but that makes it even worse for me. I used to live where the population was more female than male, but I never found a woman I wanted there. That's why I can't pass up this opportunity for something I've never found before.

So you'll cheat, regardless. What is that about, how would you feel if you were the one be cheated on?

Regardless of what? I would be so happy if my wife cheated on me. It would make it so much easier to leave her.

Maybe If you read, and paid attention you'd see this is a MAN!!!!

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Take a deep breath ...I would take a break away from both of them no talking nc for a weekend weight it out Who really really makes you happy and go from there with both eyes open, full speed ahead, But thats me You have such a good heart so in tune with your feelings Wish my mm was like that Have you told her any of this?

There has never been a day I have been unhappy with my OW. My wife on the other hand ****** me off all the time. I still care for my wife, and I would like to be friends with her. It's just that I don't want her to affect any important parts of my life. My wife is always making big decisions for me in ways that are completely inconsiderate to me. She does whatever she wants and expects me to clean up after her. I really don't plan on staying with my wife even if my OW marries her fiance. It's just easier to stay with my wife right now and she hasn't made me completely miserable yet so we are still together.

Come On who are you trying to convince ? You know you want out get the courage and do it .It always seems that the "others" Make our life complete i know i do the same thing for mine and now hes a coward and is backing down and wants to be bffs til we die .Things always work out in the end.Go with your gut thats always the right choice .Dig Deep and you will get the answer

You're right of course. I would like to go ahead and tell my wife about my OW even if it just the start of the conversation and not the whole thing. I'm trying to work on it with my OW though. I know she is worried about what will happen. I know I need to do it for myself though too.

Always Your happiness first .Hope it all works out and goes on your side .I know pushing the issue does not help . (((((hugs)))))

I'm curious...if you are unhappy with your wife for other reasons, why would you tell her about the OW?

I wouldn't do it for my wife. I would do it for my OW.

It just seems unnecessary to me? If you want your OW, just leave your wife? Why make if more ugly by telling your wife about her? I could be missing the point entirely....?

Maybe it is unnecessary. I guess I could just stick to other issues.

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Love this and your fight. Xx

why is so hard to have it now?


sorry ... i am new here ...

I was reading your story..about loving 'the other one ' more then your wife... and i asked why you don't go where you are happy ?!
or maybe i was reading wrong ...

No problem. I'm trying to go where I'm happy. The other woman is engaged so I have to convince her. I also have a young daughter so that adds another complication. I think we will get there but its a process and takes a lot of work.

i got it now:) thanks

if ' ur love' will never be free ...YOU will stay with your wife ?! even That YOU will never be happy ?!

No I will probably leave my wife anyway. No matter what I would guess I have less than a year left with my wife before I can't take it anymore. I can't imagine myself doing this, but maybe I would wait until my daughter is no longer a minor.

Why u merried ?!

Tell her how you feel PLease

I am telling her. Slowly taking away the fears.

Why slowly? That's not what I'd want. If you go too slow....she's already engaged. Soon enough married, pregnant. She's going on with her life. Be direct. Take too much time, you may lose her. She's still going to have to wait for you to file, divorce, etc. And you want to proceed slowly? Tell her please now. Besides, it's romantic. But then you have to follow through.

I'm not telling her slowly. But the fears are not so easy to take away. The fears are going away slowly. Maybe the fears are really going away quickly but it feels slowly. It has only be since last Sunday that I've really be pursuing her and telling her my feelings. I think we have made fantastic progress.

Good. I know we are all different. I'm just saying what I'd want from my guy. Good luck with tying up and severing loose ends in your marriage and moving forward. Hope it all works our. I'd hate for you BOTH to be married to another yet still dwell on the "what if" because fear held BOTH of you back. As I said, best of luck, love, all that good stuff!!!

Thank you. Thats what Im trying to tell her. Lets not have any regrets and get the hard part out of the way now.

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