I was so down in the dumps bc I didnt get to talk to him before he left and all I got this morning was a "about to pull out" text. So I made up my mind that I was NOT gonna text him, call him.....nothing. so I came home from work and started moving furniture bc we are remodeling so I was determinded to stay busy. My phone vibrated and I knew it was him. He texted me and said they made it and it was a miserable trip and wished I was there. At least I know he is thinking about me. Even 200 miles away I'm still on his mind. So I feel a little better but I'm not sitting around all weekend. Gonna have some much needed "me time"
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1 Response Aug 29, 2014

I've learned when we travels and is ultra busy to take me time. Or when he's home all weekend I do the same. Helps me enjoy the time I have with him more and reminds me how strong I am. This weekend reporting plants, bbq or two, and reorganizing a room :)

Happy to say that he texted me when they arrived, before I went to bed and again this morning. So I feel great knowing he is thinking about me.