I'm surprised he allows me my jealous questions and stuff. He was at a party with her last night and I so much as told him to please not go home with her as it would hurt me. We are not together, technically it's over tho we were kissing and telling each other we love each other just 3 days ago. He has no need to explain his actions to me really. I'm just his best friend really. But he did explain his whereabouts last night and the fact he shared a hotel room with her and two others. Yeh it hurt but it hurt less than if he had made that decision to drive home afterwards and stay at hers. He sat there txting me for half hour with them in same room. I liked that thought, that I was important enough. Seeing him tonight for some birthday drinks. His friend and my friend too. He practically said to me the other day that its a test, to see if his feelings keep increasing when we are together. It's hard to maintain them see when we love far apart. So they fade a little when apart and rekindle when together. Same for me despite being head over heels all the time really. So tonight I'm gonna get all glammed up and look even better than usual lol and give him a night to remember! Confident, sexy, independent me! No neediness, hanging on to him for affection, he will be drawn to me instead. ;)
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You started off weak, but you finished off perfect! Don't doubt him and don't doubt yourself. Have a great time together. Without all the doubts your love will grow even when you are apart. Separation makes the heart grow fonder.

Hope u are right hun!!!! X