I am a little on the fence about how I should act. Hes going to a business associates wedding today thats 4 hours away and the wife is going. He had a busy day at work yesterday and last I heard from him was 1 yesterday.

I have no idea when he is leaving or if they are staying overnight tonight. Im a little disappointed. It would have been simple to just tell me that information. That would have been the considerate thing to do.

Wondering if I should respond if he contacts me this morning or should I keep my distance for the day. Opinions?

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Going through the same thing today! They left for a wedding yesterday and although he did send me a quick message to know what he was doing yesterday he didn't say anything about the weekend I didn't reply either because I knew they were already in the same car when he sent it.

Ugh so frustrating. I wouldn't do that to him

Just found out the wedding isnt until tomorrow. They are leaving early tomorrow. Wedding is at 5. Assume they are staying over. I am just so ****** off right now. Cant even be decent enough to let me know any of this. How I found out is we are chatting and he says that he is taking a drive to a store today....says no thats tomorrow. Then tells me the details. I think im more mad at myself than anything. Why do I bother with this?

I agree with Marie. If you feel like stepping back today, then do so.

I would suggest talk communicate dont hold it in

I'm not one for games. I think the best way to handle this is to do what your heart says. When he contacts you today, if you want to talk, talk. If you don't want to, there's nothing wrong with telling him you don't feel like talking. Be honest with him.