Hell just froze over . After 4 years of this , the wife got a hold of my # && called me . 😳
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:(. Ugh. It's an awful feeling. I am so sorry. Stay strong!

Ok it's been 5 hours....update?????

No updates yet . He will call me like clock work tomorrow morning .

Have you talked to your MM?

No I haven't .. He called right after she did . He was home with her so it was a set up && I just left it alone

The fiancé didn't call me but emailed me atleast once a week for weeks. Every time I got the notification, my heart would raise. I can't even imagine how terrified I would be if I get a phone call!

Oh no. How did it go? My MM's wife actually confronted me in a public place. It was ulgy! But we have gotten over the bad event and are still together, just more careful to make sure I avoid her

It was mild compared to some confrontations I just read .. It was a bunch of lying I had to do .. Geez I'm so not liking the fact that I even had to talk to her . I answered the number right out of my sleep so I wasn't even prepared sheesh . Than my mm called me right after && it took every bone in my body not to answer and snap on him for getting caught . -- I couldn't run into my mm W in person , we would both be in jail . She is violent



Deny everything and refer her to her husband.

Wow! How'd that go?

It was the longest 10 min of my life. I had to lie about my name , and say I texted the phone looking for someone else . -- it got a little crazy after I hung up . My mm called me a bunch of times and so did she . The calls were non stop till this very min . I'm just scared he might lose everything and come at me in the worst way

My MM's W called me back in April. Actually, she has called and texted a handful of times since then but April was the big confrontation. As long as you have plausible deniability, don't admit to anything and stay calm.

I remained calm and with my career field plausible deniability is easy so that was all good . The hardest part was not answering his call to curse his behind out for letting himself get caught .

She wouldn't but it only because she caught him once before with my other number but I changed it so fast she didn't have a chance to reach me . This time the messages went like this .. Me: Wya(where you at?) him:who is this? Me:oh I must have the wrong number ..(skip some messages due to irrelevance) the last messages said okay from him and I said good day sir . Him:how do you know I'm a guy . Me:lucky guess ..him:don't do this again , I have the number (me automatically thought it was the wife) me:interesting . .., end of convo ... Ahh kill me

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