I don't know where to start
Been married for 12 years
With 3 beautiful children who I dedicate my life for
My marriage has been up and down and my husband was very controlling and I'm physiologically damaged by it.
I met someone new started off as friends and he listened to me he cared and made me realise my relationship is wrong.
12 years I have tried to create a perfect family life and protected my children from the abuse I got from my husband. In the end I thought It was normal. I loved him and we had good times, but I lived a life of misery.

My new found friend made me see sense made
Me see the light we connected on all levels and I have fallen totally in love
He is 10 years older then me and married with 2 children.
I've never felt love like this
I totally rely on him and he makes me feel like I should exist.
One night my husband flipped out over a computer game and beat me.
I ended my marriage

Now my new man is leaving his wife to come and be with me
I'm scared
What if things don't work out
His leaving his wife of 18 years for me
Everything's planned out
I've found true love and dreamed all my life to find love like this
He protects me keeps me safe we laugh and connect on the highest level and he has met my children .
What if he feels guilt about his own kids and ends up resenting mine
I'm so in love and know he is too.
I'm scared of the future how can someone love me so bad to give up his life and take on 3 children ?
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Just try to relax and enjoy the relationship that he is trying to create with you. He sounds like a wonderful person.

He truly is and yes I'll try :) thankyou

Do u know why he want to leave his wife? Are u sure is not only cus of lust? Cus if that's da case, he will go back to his wife. I been in his shoe before.

He said he is un happy way before I came along they are strangers in their own home and his only there for kids !
He has no connection with her.
But trust me I have thought and thought and thought what if he thinks he loves me ? Then realises
It's lust and all falls apart what is it's the excitement the sneaking about ?
I would seriously die I can't see my life without him

Please don't try to make such a positive situation negative. I hope one day I can be with my OW like you guys are. You guys are so lucky. Don't let the fears cloud you judgement. Feel free to contact me anytime your fears are about to make you do something negative to your man and I will try to talk you out of it. Finding a true partner in life is something that you can never throw away. It's still possible that this isn't happily ever after, but don't make it that way by doubting him. He has made an incredibly difficult and risky decision for you. Make every day as happy as possible.

I can't give you answers for his specific reasons for loving you so much, but I can tell you that you are worth it.

Believe me I use to be so much more
Negative i can't believe in a couple of months my life will completely change I will have this man in my life that I can look at and smile every day he can put his arms round me and make everything ok ! He has done more for me then I could very imagine i feel so lucky I've found him and just can't quite believe how much he is giving up for me ! True happiness will find it's way I deserve it I think
Thanku I hope it's a happy ending for you

I think it has to be his decision and you have to trust him to decide what is best for him. You therefore don't need to question whether he loves you enough. If he leaves her, then he clearly does. I am sure you feel a great deal of responsibility but it doesn't sound like you are putting any pressure on him to leave. In the end, maybe you just deserve to be happy with each other. Thank god whatever happens you are away from your abuser. Very best wishes for your future.

Thankyou for that lovely advice I would never put pressure on him and he loves me dearly the moments we share are magic
I need to stay positive and embrace the happiness