Had an amazing night with SG! He pampered me.
He didn't have to stop & check in or answer phone calls because it was getting late. Or worry that I left glitter on his lips or makeup on his shirt.
I woke up this morning realizing the only thing I'm gaining from the the relationship with HIM is anxiety. He still hasn't called or txt. I know he's having a Mantrum ( male tantrum ) because I've been seeing SG but he seems to forget he goes home to HER every night.
I'm breaking routine & not going to see him @ work like I've been doing every Sunday for the past 4 months. SG invited me to his families pre-labor day bar-b-que so that's where I'll be today!
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8 Responses Aug 31, 2014

That's the best post Ive read here. I dunno how I ended up reading this group but I think I've got addicted hearing from ow. And this post is the only one I've read so far that is realistic and positive. Congratulations, dump the married guy, be happy with the single guy.

Enjoy enjoy enjoy! Best feeling ever...

Stick with SG, it must be refreshing to just be able to kick back and relax with someone!

You found that the grass is greener!!!

Sounds like a plan. Good luck and all the best with SG. Sounds like its a good time to dump MM.

Don't give into the other dude. Serious waste.

Good for you!!! Enjoy being in PUBLIC with your SG. Hope you have a great time!!!!! ((Hugs))

Have an amazing time with the single guy!!! Think you made the right choice!!!!