We talked and for the millionth time it's over. He said he doesn't have passionate feelings for her the way he feels for me but he's not ready to end things with her. They have been together for a really long time. She's a great person and had been there for him. I understand why it's difficult to end things even if he's not in love with her but I can't stay in this situation anymore so I asked him to stop contacting me unless he's ready. I don't want to have to convince him to leave her.

Even though we had done this so many times, it hurts as much as the first time. I'm so heartbroken but I need this for my sanity. I just need to accept that he will never leave her.

Day 1 of breakup begins...
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In my opinion if he is not willing to return the feelings then of course recovery takes some time, but its better for you you will find someone willing to return the love that you put into it. I can promise that someone will see how much you put in and as the saying goes "you put in what you get out" (or sum shiz like that) anyway recovery from this isnt going to be easy but you will find that one.

Wise young man. Look at you....you're adorable.

Not sure if to be grateful or hurt to an extent xDhaha

Be grateful, as I am. Usually we shoo away teenagers when they chime in. But rarely does they contribute such insight.

Well, I mean to me every woman has beauty, but not every man has had his eyes open to that. Woman who get upset over men not liking them or in your case "ignore you" Its better to leave them and start a new, its harder to start with someone when it feels easier to just go back but when you find that someone who see our true beauty and loves the person you are inside youll be happy you played through the pain, because all in all looks fade and its just the person, if people base love off looks youll never find true love you have to se the beauty within someone and only then will the person outside not matter the body only goes so far yet the soul last forever.

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you're doing the right thing and the strong thing.! u must keep it up and put yourself first

Stay strong ! Your worth so much more you need to believe in yourself x