Has his wife ever tried harder for a while and it seemed like things got better for them?
It happens every few months she will get super positive about their relationship and gush and go on about it being great and he says they have sex more often then too.. But then she always gets sick of the extra effort and it goes back to before...
He says he always knows it won't last long so he doesn't feel much different towards either of us.. But I still have a really hard time. This sucks.
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Relationships are like season of the year: spring (excitement, lots of sex both parties are really into eachother) summer (arguments and sorting out differences) Autumn (enjoying the conclusion of the arguments and enjoying eachothers company) Winter (distance, hibernation, own space) And then it's back to spring again. Some people only like Spring, they aren't invested in the other seasons so seek other springs else where.

With my guy, I've noticed that things have gotten better between them since her father died and left her the money. I figure since I fill the sex and intimacy void for him, he is in a pretty good place right now. I don't think she's trying any harder though, nothing like that. I'm just waiting to see how things play out and being the best for him I can be at this point in time... :)

I'm sorry.