He's away over night at a wedding with the w. The pictures in my head are driving me crazy. He doesn't have to deal with these thoughts if me having sex with my h because he knows that I am on the way out of my marriage. He as always said that I am the only one he is being intimate with. Im sure it is lies. I don't even know when they will return. Didn't tell me. Didn't say Ill message you when we get back. Perhaps he was just preoccupied with leaving, but I am tired of making excuses

Having this vindictive side of me that just wants to ignore him for a while because I am so hurt. The other half of me wants to hear what he has to say. What if he doesn't say that he missed me etc.

I had a little dejavu flash the other day that I had a dream along time ago about it ending and having something to do with the state they they are in right now.

Probably going to be a miserable day here. Have to go to H family after he falsy threw me under the bus with them and wouldn't even help me straighten it out. Have a mind not to go their either.

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I know how you feel- I constantly feel paranoid he is being intimate with her. Then, I get crabby when I have to see my bf's family. It's tough and I have no idea how to help you get throughout it because I, myself, have no idea. Just know you're not alone in feeling this way! xo