He finally called Sunday night after standing me up Friday. He said he got "caught up" this weekend and that's why he didn't call. I said a quick txt saying he couldn't make it would have been nice. He apologized and said at that time he just couldn't call or txt. He said he would explain what happened face to face not over the phone
Didn't see him at work yesterday because of the holiday I had a different schedule. He calls early evening to let me know he's at his brothers house & wants me to come see him there. He said he'll call back in a hour to give me directions...he never called back
This morning I txt him ending it. I'm getting off the roller coaster. My feelings are the one getting hurt day after day not his. I'm so drained emotionally. I realize I'll never find I man of my own til let this situation go
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How many times have you ended it with him?

I'm so sorry this happened to you. He is not thinking about your feelings at all. You made the right decision. It is not an easy one, but you deserve so much more.

On a different note, I thrilled for you and SG. I would focus on him and see where it goes. I know personally, if someone made me chocolate molten cake, I would be moving in, lol.

I'm sorry that's happened.
He's being very inconsiderate and not thinking about your feelings.
I don't blame you for ending it.....I hope you are able to find a man who appreciates you!! You deserve it......let me know if you need to talk