His phone is blowing up with business calls. He still has not found a "job" job but if this keeps up, he may not need one and could make it working for himself like he wants too. I really hope that happens.

If he has a good year (it started out really crappy, but has picked up), and can bring those numbers to the bank. He can refinance and she can get her buyout, get her off the title, move out and be done.

They have meet the teacher tonight.. they are all going.. he is not looking forward to that. :( Hope they can keep the visible tension down for the meeting. But.. sure that's not easy to do. And it might not be a bad thing for the teacher to be aware of things, for the kids sake. Guess they will figure it out..

I found out this weekend that there isn't much food in the house. He is buying and cooking for himself and his son, she is on her own apparently. When I asked he said, I guess she doesn't have money for food. More financial responsibility lessons for her I guess..

Oh well..

In the meantime...

2 days till normal...
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Sep 2, 2014