Had a really busy day at work and I wanted to text him so bad but I didnt. As soon as he walked out the door of his work he started calling me wanting to know if something was wrong. I knew exactly what he meant but still I said "nothing, why?" He said bc I didn't get a single text today. I just said it was bc I was so busy but I want him to see that I am not as weak as I appear. He just doesnt know how it was killing me not to text him.
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Well I added a response on my phone earlier.. or thought I did.. but it never came up. Anyway - I do this almost everyday. I try to hold out and be strong and not text her but every minute kills me and I eventually cave in and send a text. But if they are questioning it at least they care!!

I know how it must have killed you not to text him. I'm doing the same thing right now. Any contact has to come from him. I was extremely busy today which was a blessing. I really think if they see we are stronger, it makes us more appealing. Xxxooo

It did because I always text him at least once everyday. Even if its just to vent.

Now I don't see my response..