I am debating sending flowers and just putting get well soon on the card.....any thoughts?
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Nope. Dont give any ideas to the wife that she doesnt have yet.

Kinda stupid

It's stupid chasing a taken man! I could care less about the flower thing, I wasn't talking about that. Duh.

Tanya...to u we may all sound stupid and a year ago I might have agreed with u, but life has a funny way of throwing a curve ball at you....don't judge till you've lived my life. You have no idea what my relationship with my mm is.

Yes!!! Send something that when he sees it will think of you without seeing the card!!

A ballon and stuffed animal perhaps? Flowers may not be allowed and that way there's nothing to wilt and die and be tossed ;)
But do, send them. Xoxo

I was thinking a stuffy too. That would be perfect :)

Have you hear anything more??

No, the hospital has a policy against cellphones anywhere but the lobby so I know he's not getting my texts. When I called I was informed he is not allowed guests or calls either. He's too sick

Okay. Thank you for the update! I've been checking EP like mad hoping you'd update us. I don't see why you couldn't send flowers .... Now is the time he needs all of your prayers and healing vibes and positive energy!! He can FEEL it. I'm certain of it.... Hang in there and know we are all pulling for you two

Send the card and flowers... Yes!!!

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I agree with Kat