And another side note...think my relationship with my SG has also hit graveyard status. Haven't heard from him in a while and he never responded to me on Sunday when I messaged...which isn't like him...
Today I feel like it's not even worth it anymore. I think I'm going end my affair with the SG via no texting anymore and just fading out. And with the ex-MM, I think I'm just going to not contact him either. I miss him but he drives me crazy and i can't believe anything he says. All sounds like lies when he speaks now. I'm just going to take a break and try to have fun the next few weeks with my H and focus on me and my own happiness and health. Maybe I'll just write on here with updates as to how I'm doing with my man withdrawals and hangovers.
Wish me luck guys...I'm really feeling down these last two days. Maybe I'm hormonal...I dunno.
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The SG told me he likes me 9/10. That he's hooked...yeah that how you treat someone you say you feel you almost love? What the heck dude! Me when I just like someone, I wanna text them or call every day several times a day! Men love playing us for a fool! I won't be a fool anymore!!!

Do what isbest for you and only you. I'm trying to do the same. It hasn't been easy. Xxxx

It will get better Nola. Xxoo

Hope you're right :/

Good luck, sweets. Xoxo

Hang in there!!