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okay, so I signed up so nobody would judge me, so please don't!  My story is a little crazy, and someone actually advised me to pitch it to "Lifetime" haha!  I am a dance teacher.  I have been dancing since i could walk.  When i turned 15 my cheerleading coach at the time opened her very own studio, and being a loyal cheerleader, and admiring her so much, i quit my home studio and began dancing for her.  her  name...? she can be... Jackie.  Jackie and I were the best of friends!  everything from me getting my drivers license, prom dress shopping, boy advice, friend drama, etc. she was my go to girl with everything!  Jackie was what seemed to be happily married to "steve" but after a few years of really being around,  i noticed they were not as happy as they once were.  Steve and I never really talked often, he was always nice and small talk between us was usualy it with us.  steve was a teacher at my high school, and when I was a senior, (i graduated in 07) i had him for class.  At this point, i was 18, teaching, competing, and dancing every second I could.  I love dance with al my heart and it has been my passion my entire life! My dream came true when i saw my very own choreography danced on the stage!  It's amazing to me still.  while having steve in class, i got to know him a little more, not much more, but still more.  I still to this day can say that he was one of the best teachers i have ever had.  at first, i thought steve didnt like me that much.  He was a coffee and scarf intelect guy, if you know what i mean.  good looking... very good looking.  nice.  do anything for anybody, best outfits everyday kinda guy.  All the girls in the school thought he was the best looking!  haha.  needless to say, here i am, working for his wife, he being my teacher, i babysit their 2 kids, watch the house while they're away, one would think I would be off limits to him, right?  wrong.  i have no idea how this all happened, but after graduation, i stayed home and attended community college so i could stick around and continue to do my  job that i love so much, teaching dance.  Steve and I became really good friends.  Things with he and Jackie seemed to be not such a big secret anymore.  Jackie was accusing him of "sneaking around" lying, and just giving her what she needed from a husband.  I dont know why, but steve surprisingly started to give me his side of the story, that believe it or not, was quite believable.  it's evident that people change.  People grow apart each day.  Jackie began to go a little crazy, logged on and got herself a myspace and a facebook,  lost some weight and became a fan of overplayed radio music.  I actually felt bad for steve.  Jackie went around the entire town trash talking his name, calling him everything in the book, and i dont know how, but steve let it roll off his back!  this past august Jackie acually moved out.  She was making poor choices left and right.  steve, not so much.  confiding in me, texting me about her, sometimes calling me, he and i always chatted about her.  My job was no longer teaching dance, but running the place as well.  People complain and talk a lot as it is at a dance studio, but everybody was unhappy.  she would come in late, eat and text while she taught, let her one year old run freely around the building, it is not good.  Steve, being on his own now, needs babysitters just as much as the next guy, and since i do it all the time, i agreed one night to do it.  Afer steve got home, offering me alcohol?? (I'm 20) me declining.. he asked me twice after that, and with my third "no thanks" he called me boring.  wow.  I drove home, didnt think anything of it, and he and i went back to out normal talking.  I'd be lying if i said i wasnt attracted to him.  I am so attracted to him.  my friends were so jealous!  of course they would be, he was everybodys favorite teacher! thinking things would cross the line was thought about, but then i would just laugh and say he would never do that!  steve became one of my best friends.  I would talk to him about guys, friends, school, music, and even personal issues like my alcoholic father and crazy mom.  He would do anything for me, and i didnt feel uncomfortable... once.  I was the town crier and made sure people knew my opinions on him. I defended his name and did whatever i could to keep his reputation clear.  i even tried hooking him uo with one of my professors because i thought she was beautiful and could hit it off with him!  they exchanged a few emails, and he and i were fine!  this guy has become my life coach, and i can talk to him about anything!! I always am looking out to see if he's doing okay.  I made him a mix cd of my favorite songs to try to see him smile.  Jackie was self-destructing, and he was the constant steady figure in his childrens lives. i admired him for that.  He i sin therapy trying to stay cool, and is doing everything the right way.  Jakie says the divorce is going to final in june, (3 months) and is happy with her choice.  heres the kicker, 2 weeks agao almost, i babysat again for steve, this time when he came home he had a bottle of wine.  Didnt ask me if i wanted some, juat poured 2 glasses.  we hooked up that night.  It was crazy and shocked me that it actually happened!  It wont get out of my head.  He and I have not alked about it, the texting isnt as frequent, and when we do text, it's about the same old stuff about jackie.  He'll ask me what time she got home, if i know anything, etc.  this is making me crazy!  we had such a strong friendship for years, and now i dont know what to think! anybody outhere who can help!? did he plan this?  Does he care about me?  Was it just an innocent too much to drink hook up? Does he want it to happen again? is he gonna try?  Do u think he feels bad? regrets? I dont know if this is me o not, nut i know i deserve something better.  I dont think i'll do it agin.  i want to tho.  he is 13 years older than me.  13! should i go back to being friends again? cut him loose? HELP i have nobody to talk to about this with and have someone actually understand. 

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Sounds like a tragedy unfolding for you.... I agree with the other posts, get away from them. You are too young for such drama. <br />
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Then again, nobody could ever tell me what to do, I had to learn the hard lessons. Try not to do that, read the stories here of those "other women" who got involved and it ended tragically. They are true stories. Try to learn from them and save yourself some pain.<br />
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Good Luck. Post the updates.

I was waiting for some big finale....You claimed someone told you to pitch to Lifetime? I don't want to preach to you. You seemed detached and unrealistic about this whole situation. Quick to knock "Jackie" who has been a loyal friend to you. But you can't say enough great thing's about Steve who obviously just wants to get you drunk and go as far as you will let him. Go after someone else who has less baggage. By your description, you certainly deserve better.

Sorry to take so long for a reply. But here goes - you are young and he played you. He knew that if he asked whether you wanted a glass of wine you would say "no thank you." So he just poured it knowing that you are too polite to refuse. Then he made overtures that he should not have. He is no better than a ********. The only difference is that you are over 18.<br />
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That being said the best thing for you to do is distance yourself as from from these two people as possible. NO MORE BABYSITTING!! Quit your job and move away if necessary. Both of these people are no good!!