Been There!

I have been down this road and it wasn't pretty. I understand that I made the choice to be involved in this. I don't apologize for it, because I was fully aware. I don't desire to be anyone else "other woman". To all the "other women" I understand where you are in this situation. I am here to help if you need me! I don't pass judgement on you ladies for what you are or have done. Remember I have been THERE!!!

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4 Responses Mar 26, 2009

I agree with jmuhjacat!

Yeah, people who judge just don't know. Life is complicated. Maybe being a good listener would make a better world. But most people are too busy talking to listen.

You know what, I understand your pain, really I do. I was at a point where all I ran into was married or otherwise committed men. But I made up my mind to not go down that road again. I also used to believe all a man told me but I began to think for mslaurie. This will make you a better person only if you walk out of this with an experience to help yourself. It takes time and willpower, I believe when you are ready to quit, you will until then,,,,I understand your pain!

That's what I like about this site, people here are A LOT less judgemental about everything. I was kinda lost and drifting when I typed "I am the other woman" into my google search engine this site was at the top. It could not of come at a better time. <br />
I have been the other woman more than once, unfortunatley and I always seem to come out of it scard but not dead. I seem to find all the guys that are either married or involved, and the one's I find that aren't, well lets just say that there's a reason they are alone.<br />
When I'm down and out I sometimes wonder if I have " I am gullible, young and stupid, I will believe EVERYTHING you tell me if not more" tattoo'd on my forehead. I know that someday I will come out of this and realise that it has made me a better person, or at least I hope it will have. For now I am ok with things like they are, except when I sleep alone, that's when it hurts. What's life without pain, I guess!