Here on EP I met another 'other woman' and we clicked. Almost a year ago now and we talk every single day. Well yesterday we travelled the country and met half way for the first time an had an amazing weekend away together! Lots of good food, drinks, dancing and laughs! Best friend for life!! Just thought I would share :) x
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That is so awesome!!!!
I also met someone here....she is half way around the world but almost 2 years have passed and we still email and Skype all the time....although I am no longer TOW she still struggles some....she is planning on coming to my wedding in 2 years!!!!


That is really cool!

I have a few I talk to on the phone and have met one in person as well. I wouldn't be where I am today with my guy if they hadn't been there for me to talk to.

Isn't it astounding how life works sometimes?
Congratulations on the good time, and thank you for sharing this neat little story.


Awesome !!!! Love this!

Brilliant! Glad you had fun.

I have a friend I met on here and we talk multiple times a day. She is my rock. I swear we were meant to meet. I hope one day to do the same thing with her!

That's good to hear!! Hope u do too :)

Ditto !😘

Love ya, timetochange!!

That's beautiful to hear. I have to say it brings me comfort getting stuff off my chest here. Everyone has kind words and knows the feeling all too well. If I hadn't found this group I think I would probably be having a harder time. Thanks ladies.

Most definitely true! At 33 I never thought I would still be making friends, never mind finding the best friend I've always longed for, one I actually have zero secrets from!