Honestly I'd beat the life out of ANY b!tch who tries to ruin my family and my marriage. There's enough men out there, there's no need for sharing ladies.
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Yea, that's a trip because I didn't even know mines,was married he was much in love with me.Its not the women fault apparently these Men are not in love with there wives if, they was,they would cheat.These Men are being neglected by there wives the OW is out there taking care of there needs, physically & mentally I decided to leave though after I found out he was married, he claims there getting a divorce there's issues in these marriages everyone deserves to be happy.I would just leave if, a man cheated on me he's not happy so that's why he cheats.smh

Honestly, if your husband cheats it's his fault, not hers.

You have a lot of life left to live if you are lucky. Things change with the way that you think as you grow up. You never know what might happen in your future. I know a lot of people that thought at your age would be running the place I live aren't.

Right to the point I like it

But what if its your husband that initiated it and the other woman didnt even know he was married to you. You'd beat the life out of a person who is also the victim.
Point is, dont assume anything and if a spouse cheats then most likely they're not happy with their situation so before beating the life out of anyone you should look take a long look at yourself because most likely you could be the very reason for your husband to cheat.

Oh hush. Obviously I'd get the story right first. I don't go around beating people up for no reason. thank you very much, night night sleep tight. don't let the bed bugs bite

Thank you Wings of Time. No one is held unaccountable. You can't blame someone for your choices. Those that say there is too much involved, I call bull. You're just weak and selfish. You could leave and allow your spouse to find someone else, but you are comfortable in your little house of cards. You're the one who doesn't want everything to come falling down on you.

Yes, I didn't know he was married he claimed they where getting a,divorce he's not happy at all I would want to be with a cheater at all.

Why the girl? That's stupid, it's your husbands fault.

Oh no my husband would already be passed out, he'll get it first

Lol that's good, I just know a lot of people only get mad at the girl.

It's a waste of time he's doesn't want you if he's cheating I would leave

Preach 🙌🏽

I said those words many years ago a woman came into my marriage tried to kill me and tried get me and my kids locked up a total fatal attraction blew our worlds apart .much to my horror I am now the ow came about as in a bad place with depression and he was a friend of 40 years never thinking I'd be the ow and certainly not with him now I'm 2 bit years down the track!ive tried to stop it argued moved away dated someone but always drawn back.im not proud of myself but I fell for him,he's not married long term partner of 8 years.

Same here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1024757324247679/?ref=bookmarks

This is a private group that deals,with this issue other women are discussing this issue what it was like & how they got out of it just a support group it's private nobody wants to get attacked.

It wouldn't be the women's fault. She's not the one that made a life promise and commitment to you :/

I agree with you 100% My friend :)

Thanks Hamzaa

I'm sorry, but what does a teenager that's never been married (or even in a long-term relationship) know about marriage and relationships anyway?? Come back in 20 years when you're in a bad, sexless marriage, and talk to us then. AND.....nobody here is trying to ruin families. Most of these "families" are already broken.

ahhhh you're full of ****. So because you're in a sexless marriage that gives you the right to destroy someone else's family. There's plenty of single men but you ****** choose to be with a married man.

Obviously that guy is also in some sort of f'd up marriage. This isn't always about some predator seeking taken men.


Well it's obvious he's not happy why would he cheat? ?It's not the women's fault it's the man fault hes,not happy and is not in love with his wife the wrong person that's not compatible to them that's all it is.

There's such thing as a divorce ya dumb ho. You obviously didn't choose the right person to marry if you ain't getting no **** by you're lovely husband


Oh shut up

That's funny Bcos normally 8 year olds mention when they've flagged someone on the Internet.

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Please direct them my way… Thank you very much!

I don't mess with the husband anyways. I mess with wife.

You should beat the life out of your husband first though.

Oh trust me I will


If your husband ever strays I think you will find it was already the problems in your marriage that ruined it.
There is no room in a happy marriage for a third person.
People really need to look closer to home

Oh no I'm not married yet, I was just speaking in general. I agree with you though definitely

Personally I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing if I wasn't in a sexless marriage with a ill husband.you never know what cards you might be delt.
I do think affairs are wrong but life happens we all have needs.

She is a bomb shell and drop dead gorgeous. No man would ever think to down grade just for an easy ****. Just saying

lol I ******* love you

What makes you think they downgrade?im 15 years younger than his wife,in better shape and prettier.he is 5 years younger than my husband and a lot more sexier.he finds something he likes in me to keep coming back for 4 years.if his marriage was enough I wouldn't exist in his life.
I'm just saying there are many reasons why we cheat

Actually, there are plenty of people who stray and cheat who have perfectly happy marriages - that's a fact. I've read a few stories right here on EP that back up this fact.

How do you know they aren't lying? People lie all the time

I have known of people, personally, who have done it, even now, I still know of plenty of men who do it simply bc they're not strong enough to *not* give into temptation.

How do I not know you're lying?

I couldn't care less whether you believe me or not.

Oh okay

If they were happy enough they wouldn't give in

Men are different to women - that's a fact of life. Men (and women) *do* cheat even when they're perfectly happy and content within their relationships.

But something is missing or you wouldn't seek it

You can't speak for everyone - you clearly weren't happy (as you've stated in your comment above) which is why you chose to cheat on your husband. Some people *are* happy and have no problems but they do it anyway. You believe that something needs to be wrong for adultery or cheating to be committed, that simply isn't true. Say your logic was true, then we should be able to apply it to everything and the world would have been a much happier and safer place.

Yeah you probably are right some are happy.a lot arnt though.a lot on here are happy in the family home love their husband but are not in love with them.
I'm not unhappy enough to leave but I certainly love my other man.

So in all honesty why did you cheat?

Totally agree with you.there are many reasons we do it.

It's more about a person not being whole that allows a person to cheat. It normally doesn't have anything to do with who they are married to or what their marriage is like. That's why they need IC.

A cheater is gonna cheat. Regardless if their lover is beautiful not not. Witnessed this first hand

I haven't 🙄👀

Well I hope you don't! You don't need trash like that!

Why thank you

I never said someone cheats regardless of whether there partner is beautiful or not.i said they do it when something is missing.
If you love someone wholeheartedly you wouldn't want to.

I think it's different with men, no matter how happy their marriage is but if a "free piece of meat" excuse the analogy is dangling, they will most likely bite. The upstairs head stopped working. I agree with Cleo that some women shouldn't prey upon other guys as a game. I'm not referring to the sad, lonely & hurting wives out there but to women who see this as a game if they could make the most faithful husband out there fall for temptation. Sad to say but it does happen.

But some of us do fall in love with no intention of leaving.some of the men fall in love too.
Yes some do bite i guess and shag about but some are in it for the long hall.
Not all of us are just a piece of meat to our men.
Some of us women are married too as behave just as badly as the men .

That's why I said I wasn't referring to the hurting wives who ended up having affairs or maybe I should phrase it in general as those women who are hurting and lonely. I'm pointing out the ones who see this as a game to snag an ineligible man.

Yeah you have to be pretty cold hearted to just do it for the fun of it

Divorce. There is an answer to the unhappy marriage. The unsatisfying marriage. You divorce THEN move on

Not always so black and white. Yes people take vows, but what about their kids? What if the home is happy and stable for the kids? Why not keep it that way until they're old enough to handle it?

Kids know more than you think. They will be happier if you split. Mark my word

Do you have kids?

2 kids in their 20's. Divorced their mom when they were 9 and 10. Stayed "for the kids sake" Kids now tell me divorcing their mom was best for ALL. They knew the marriage was bad despite efforts to shield them.

I don't have an option my husband is ill only going to get worse,he can't have sex.so I can't fix it as you say.
Yes I could leave him but he can't even manage a flight of stairs.who leaves a really suck man!! Take his daughter away.I maybe be some things but I'm not that.
And it's bullshit if they cheat they will cheat again because I've never done it before and I never want to do it again.
I think people are so judgemental to how things should be and how you should behave.
Let them live a bit of your live for 6 months then let's hear what they say.

You sound selfish and self-absorbed which all the people I have known of who cheated (friends, coworkers,etc.) were just that selfish. They only considered their needs, their justifications, their feelings. They did not consider if the shoe was on the other foot, their families, the other person's family, or apparently their vows. It is difficult to be a caregiver and to not be able to be sexually intimate with a spouse due to sickness and declining health along with all the other stressors of caregiving. However when you get married you sign up for this (faithfulness through good and bad times) to death due you part.

Good job I don't care much for your opinion!!
My husband actually told me about 4/5 years ago to get what I need elsewhere just don't leave him.
I just don't rub his nose in it.

Yeah a lot of people do not care much for the truth (as the truth sometimes hurts). Also, I don't know if it occurred to you that your husband gave you permission to have outside relationships because he sensed that is what you wanted to do anyway, and it seems like you readily took him up on his offer. He may have felt that sharing you was a better alternative than loosing you all together. I disagree with him on this opinion. Or, perhaps this was a test of true love, which you failed. Maybe he hoped you would turn down his idea and reaffirm that you will always remain committed so long as he was alive. This relationship sounds pathetic.

No he didn't sense it for about a year I refused to do that.

You have no idea about my marriage either

Why don't you ask him what he thinks?

Who?my husband?
It doesn't matter what he thinks now.i stay as his carer as he can't cope on his own and I will do what I need to do to get through it.And I certainly don't care what a person behind a screen thinks.they can disapprove all they like.

Yeah like I said earlier you sound selfish and self-absorbed that is why you don't care what your husband or anyone else thinks. You also said above I don't know your relationship, maybe not but the information you have volunteered sounds horrible. It was you who invited everyone in by posting this. If I had a time machine I would tell your husband run the other way from this self-centered woman because before your body is even cold she will be on to someone else if something ever happens to you. But I guess the jokes on you because the guy you are cheating with at least knows, are should know, you are not marriage material and neither is he for that matter. The other cheater in this story, your boyfriend, is staying with his wife the one you "claim" is older, in worse shape than you, and not as pretty. But you silly woman if this is so true why is he married to her still and keeping you as something to do on the side in secret, can you answer that question? Further, what happens when a prettier, younger, more in shape woman comes a long he will move right onto her. In fact can you be sure it has not already happened without your knowledge? See sweetie, there is no honor among thieves, you out of everyone should know that.

If my boyfriend chooses to move on so be it.
He also knows when my husband dies I'm not planning on caring it on.
If I move on to a new relationship one day I don't want to be cheating.
It's easy to be judgemental on little facts.

And just for the record not that I'm planning to but what makes you think I can't replace my lover just as easy.so that line you used is a very old and cliche one!!

Well it seems if you have everything figured out and have an answer for everything. You also say you may possibly move on to someone else one day. Well, if you do just remember what you sow, you also shall weep.

Meant: you also shall reap (but you may weep as well, that is regret).

I don't believe in all that karma ****.but thanks for pointing it out:)the only thing I will be weeping at is my husbands death.

Well thank you for being open minded enough to listen to my points. Best of luck to you ma'am.

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grass is greener on the other side


Yes briiii they need to know

These ladies you called 'they' are human beings they do not deserve your heavy handed slaps ,, they come here like most of us to find solace in their situation and you do not help

They shouldn't be in this situation. Why cheat? Why? If you're not happy then divorce the person. Why go sneaking around?

I wouldn't judge a gay person. They do them . There's nothing wrong. I have a problem with cheating. It's not right. You chose that person as your spouse.

It is that easy, I'm not trying to start and argument. I don't believe in the other women because I've seen what it did to my parents. I don't believe in cheating. Why rip the family apart?

A 17 year old has no idea what is involved with a divorce. Especially when there are children and assets involved. And alcoholism and all the dangers that go with it. I used to think the same way. If my husband ever wanted to cheat, I'd rather him just leave me first. After 20 years of marriage and two teenagers, I realize it's not that easy.

Whoa whoa. I'm not 17 . Jeez y'all take this serious. Why stay with someone if you're going to cheat? Just leave the man.

Exactly why cheat the cheater is not happy just leave and get divorce is anything by force?

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Like it's soo degrading, why would you want to be second best??

Because these women are basic hos and it doesn't bother them

Exactly, summed it up perfectly :)

If we were all second best they wouldn't choose us over their wives again and again and again

I don't have to do anything.

Because I want too. Because of my situation I know that me and him talk text and **** more than his wife and him, plus we are all together constantly. I dont feel second best to her in the least. Would I like more time? Yes, but I do not feel he puts her above ne


Falafel your profile pic. You don't have to pay for that snap chat filter?

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