Private forum for us!
Hi ladies,
I have a feeling for a long time that this project is not doing well. As the announcement came in today confirm my intuition.
It happens to be that I have been creating websites for almost 20 years. And at this juncture I would love to extend my expertise to this group by offering to create a website for us with full control. We can make this a private social network site with login where our private info is safe. I have a domain reserved from a last year.
Please let me know if anyone think this is a good idea.
With a show of support, I will need some volunteers to help me.
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ReflectedSoul ReflectedSoul
41-45, F
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Yay - hoping to stay in touch

I feel like I have rocked up late to the party. I just found this site today and am in need of finding someone to talk to. I hope I could join wherever you move to next




Count me in too

brilliant idea!!! let me in!!

Count me in.

Love it

I'm in for sure!!!

im interested

I'm absolutely interested!

I'm totally in!

Count me in

You have my vote :)

I like the idea

Great idea, count me in. It would be nice to have an area for stories and shared articles as well as discussion.

I'm in

Thank you!! I would love to stay a part of this support group. I'm not a techie, but willing to help if I can.


Woman only


I woryks be interested. Thank you. :)

Love it! I'm in!

It's only for the other woman group. FYI.

I thought I had joined already. I just did, thank you.

Great idea :)

Thank you. It will be woman only though.

Ok, enjoy yourselves

We are. Don't worry.

Heck yeah. If we can get a website that gives a good example of non-idiotic online interaction (that was a mouthful), maybe we can get other people's attention. Who knows? Maybe we'll change the social media world (we wish). Basically, I think you should do it.

Thank you. I will do it because I love this group and the heartfelt supports from the members. Still, I agree with the other comment.

I'm in

please do!!

So when do we start and what would you like me to do???

I'm looking into it right now. I will need some user testing help initially. Stay tune. I'm excited to!

Cool, I'll be here!!!

I'm in, thank you so much for doing this! Keep me posted as to the url.

what's the URL

The URL will be shared as soon as possible. The due diligence must be done first - right tools, private, inexpensive, less hassle (since we are busy people), and mobile ready. Please stay tune.

great idea !

Yes im in

Yes, please!

Go for it!

Count me in

Count me in

I'm doing pretty good. This whole EP thing is crazy.

Yes....YES.....YES!!!!! I can't imagine losing all you ladies. Just let me where when, and if I can help in any way.

Love this idea!

OW in high tech - who knew?

Me !!! Me !!! I am in !!!

I'd be interested.

Bless your heart, ReflectedSoul, I hope they take you up on it. I've got so much respect and love for this site. What a bitter loss it will be.