I was looking threw all my post ,looking back at all that has happened to me in my life .....I decided to re post the very first post I cant believe how many people on the internet viewed it ....

I Am Having An Emotional Affair
This started last year at first it almost was physical but it turned into an emotional affair ,My MM was so deflated from that wife of his that it took months for him to feel better.We have many many secrets,He tells me so much and even opens up about the things that bother him about her.He texts me everyday, bit i am feeling i might want more ,He told me his wife is bi-polar he asked if i would research about it .I did and it said 90% of marriages wind up in divorce.He said he needs me in his life forever,says i am his best friend ,but i get confused alot and he tells me nothing has changed that he feels the same about me no matter what i am in his life for life.I wonder if he thinks about me as much as i do .Sometimes i feel closer to him them other times .there wasa time when we didnt text for 3 days and he said how much he missed talking to me and seeing my texts and said that he loves me .Thats when i get confused he loves me as a friend or more .Blah i dont know Does anyone else have what i have ?Can you help?
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You know, this is my first time viewing it and I can relate to your experience. Why does life play ot this way? A very confusing and frustrating adventure.

Very confusing ,I do get frustrated from time to time .