Energy Vampire.

You enter this family with no permission but your own.
You boost your ratings to make the wife appear uncaring/unloving.
You never show him that you are allot like the wife.
You are the carefree girl that will revamp his lost life.
You give him passion and meaning, he feels single again.
You cause him to be an absent father, they will hate you for kidnapping his valuable home time with them.
The vampire of relationships the Other Women.
beopendoor beopendoor
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Silly beopendoor,

I entered his life, his family, with his permission and approval.
His wife was uncaring/unloving before I met him, that's why he was open to an affair.
He sees every side of me, even the ones I would prefer stay hidden, and he loves me regardless, or maybe because of.. I havent asked.
I haven't been a carefree girl for a long time. I have a family, job, responsibilities. I met him at work tbh, a lot of affairs happen at work- who is carefree at work? lol
I certainly give him passion and meaning again. That's the whole point. I'm not sure if he feels single again, but he for sure feels desired and loved and valued as a man!
And lastly, his child is married in another place, he has his own life in which he was raised separate from my mm. His wife made their relationship more seperate and difficult than it had to be by being selfish and insecure and petty.

Your words generalize and stereotype and reek of bitterness. I hope someday you heal and move on.

If this is True why hasn't he left? He will grow to hate you as the ones that he does love pull more and more away from him because of your involvement in his life. Mark my words - His Wife will always have his heart LCJ. That's why she's still his Wife!!!

I will mark your words NOW, mark them with the same emoticon I always have- *rollie eyes*... Go clean your fingernails or something eh? It's almost time for the fireworks!!!

I can't wait!!!

Small women, are small the ones that cheat. They walk with there eyes low down.

To heal is to stop the affair and the next affair. Why are you so small in insight. Cheap and nasty to cheat.

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