So, this is it. The dusk of EP. As many others, I have scrolled through my stories and marveled at the comments left by those who have shared my journey for a brief time span. How quickly time has passed...
Not much has changed since I joined EP almost exactly two years ago: My MM and I continue to work together, do good together, travel together, worship together. Since we have never considered our relationship to be a holding pattern for a more socially accepted form of "togetherness", we have been able to enjoy our seven-years "parallel lives affair" to the fullest and without the heartbreak of broken promises and unfulfilled expectations.
As matters stand, I will probably leave my stories and comments up for those who come after us. Go down with the Titanic, so to speak. However, I will "retire" my screen name, which is to say that BoudoirWhispers is no more.

Be well, my friends, and thank you. You have been excellent company =))
BoudoirWhispers BoudoirWhispers
51-55, F
Apr 20, 2016