Following Peachy, Koko, and PressPToPlay, I went back and dug up my first post about being the other woman on EP. Different screen name maybe, but the story is still mine..

"I never thought it would happen. I didn't go looking for anything from anyone, although I was starting to pull away from my husband and actually notice that there were other men in the world.

24 years I gave to the man who calls himself my husband. 24 years of always putting myself second and always making sure he was happy... All for nothing. There is no happy for him, there is just more to do..

I met him at work. My OM, my MM. At first he was just another guy on the crew, another new face along for the ride of a new job. He was funny, he made me laugh, which was unusual for this job. He told me right away that he was sorry if he offended me but he had a dirty mind and sometimes forgets who he is talking to. I was interested, but he said nothing untoward. I worked in the crew for two days then moved on to something else...

A couple of weeks later we worked together again. He said that he missed having fun with me, I was so much more fun than working with the guys. I told him the same, we joked around, I had fun... Two days again. We were work friends.

One day I came to the office and he was there, he came over and talked to me and I felt this rush of energy, like an awareness of him over my whole body. I liked it...

The next time we worked on the same crew but at different locations on site. I texted a coworker and asked for his number so that I could joke around with him even though I couldn't do it to his face. I teased him because he didn't know who I was or how I got his number. When he found out it was me we texted all afternoon...

The rest I guess is history. It's been seven months and things are still crazy. I am in love with him and he loves his wife. I am still with my husband because he won't leave, but I don't love him anymore and he knows. I don't know what to do anymore..."

Could be anyone really. Things have certainly changed since this- about two years ago I think? I have to say if you are looking for help with your struggle stick with it and hopefully you can find a group of women as awesome as the ones I found here. They are real people and they share the knowledge of their own real lives, and I got through many a dark day because of them, even if they don't know it. Thanks ladies.

Wishing love and understanding and strength to all!
LCJ :)
ElsieJay ElsieJay
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For me, you will always be LCJ...

Thanks Aunty Boudoir! (lol) I'll miss seeing your screen name and reading your words of inspiration. I hope life brings you everything else you may want my friend, you definately deserve it imo. Personally I want to say thanks for helping so many keep it together. Always was happy to see you around. Best wishes!!