It's like a funeral here ... I been to too many of them in the past couple of years...
This was a great site to come and vent ,happy times ,sad times ,confused times ,over the top and down to the bottom....

We live our lives every day to the fullest ..
I have made many ,many ,many friends on here and wont give that up ever .
Each and every one of them are Strong and beautiful woman .We share in things we never thought
We have families
We have kids
Some have husbands
Some don't (ME)
But we all have the same thing in common..
I love that and all of you !!!!!
See ya all real soon!!!!!!!

Bye EP
Hellooooooo newwwwww chapterrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
peachy115 peachy115
51-55, F
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Take care Warrior xx

You too friend xo


oo lol

Prince is dead. How sad is that?

I know WTF ?happened

"'Male down, not breathing': Harrowing 911 call made from Minnesota estate of Prince who died just days after he was rushed to hospital from private plane with 'severe flu'"

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