This goes out to Koko puffy, Lil lotus and the rest of you sorry pathetic hopeless hapless romantics . Stop fooling yourself into thinking that you and your MM will be together one day. People like you need a reality check, like someone needs to come along and burst your fantasy bubble! You are in denial and believe that people who go against you are trolls. The thing is that you peeps don't want to hear the truth! A real person will tell you that you need to let go of your affair with your married man! So you come to this website hoping that peeps will believe you.You sorry pathetic ******* want to escape reality. Keep fooling yourselves.Karma is a *****!
hotbuttersoul hotbuttersoul
36-40, F
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Glad to see you go DB

They will do as they please. Why? they are stupid and have no sense of self-worth. They see that they are low in esteem and fit their actions with no self-worth.


Life without you in 9 minutes, priceless

Well goodbye! Good riddens.


I have self worth you don't.

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A troll to the end

Bite me you bitter old C U Next Tuesday.
And don't forget, karma IS a ***** and she's coming for you because you just exemplified a nasty human.


STFU you ****!

Sending out negative thoughts to others is bad Karma and it will come back to you three fold. Watch yourself.

Watch out! Karma will bite you firs!

This goes out to you hotbuttersoul - get a life xx

Very sad.
But our lives are just wonderful.
They will never understand. I'm just grateful for what I have. It's not perfect, but I live in it well.
Be happy Kkopuffy, stay on top of the World xx

You are a ****.

I already have one moron! Where's yours? !

No you're sad!

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smug *** B I T C H.....

You have low self-worth. Get some mind sense and life value. before it is to late.

You are a *****

You're a *****!

I already have a life! Where's yours?!

You too!

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